About the founder

Dearl McPeak

Founder and CEO,  FAZΦR

Dearl McPeak is a self-taught Radio Frequency Engineer from San Diego, California. He's skilled in designing innovative and patentable products, having worked for respected companies in various fields like commercial, defense, science, research, and space. In 2012, Dearl invented the Wave Phase Solution. While running his consulting business, he was offered a job to design a groundbreaking system. If he could solve the phase measurement problem, he'd land a contract. At that time, accurately measuring phase was considered impossible. However, within just four days, Dearl cracked the problem.  He invented an accurate phase measurement solution for all waves.  Any type at any frequency.  He then traveled to Redmond, Washington, to design and create the first efficient wireless power transmission system within 4 months.  

Later on, Dearl applied the Wave Solution to tackle numerous challenging problems related to waves. He even used it to develop a completely new RF system for MIT, a task that had stumped multiple scientists and chief engineers in the past. 

Dearl is dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions through the application of his Wave Solution.