The Accurate Wave System Experts

Long Range Wireless Charging System Design:

Highest Accuracy Beam Forming Technology available:

Partnering with both commercial, defense and government Research and Development agencies

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FazΦr has over 25 years of experience in radio frequency designs across the spectrum.

Invented long range wireless charging and beam forming technology 10 years ago.

Consulted for various industries from commercial to government.  

Designed advanced systems for start-ups to large companies and government including DARPA.

Founder's Accomplishments:

Part of the team that created the first Bluetooth radio.  

Part of the NASA RF team that placed the Perseverance on Mars. 

Consulted for government from defense to research and development for MIT Lincoln Labs where we designed an advanced wireless system. 

Created multiple patented devices from systems, radios, antennas to cutting edge products.